December 28, 2016


Everyone takes pictures of fireworks. I suppose they have to be regarded as cliched now. Of course the setting of the fireworks is very often the defining factor for the image – can you beat a backdrop of Tower Bridge or the Sydney Opera House?

The images below are only taken at annual 5th November display that happens at the Recreation ground behind my house in Barkway, England. The biggest challenge is trying to narrow the parameters of the images enough to avoid too much cropping but not getting too tight a crop that the array of colours looks unbalanced. The second input that has to considered is the time of the exposure. A degree of trial and error here but these pictures have been created with a 7 second exposure.

Although reasonably happy with them a lack of setting limits their appeal in my opinion. That is why I’ve experimented with a black and white conversion. Does it work? I’ll let you decide. Personally think they may be at their best on a print?


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